Code Red Watch

I added a silly counter on the bottom of the righthand menu that tracks all the hits I’m getting at from Code Red infected machines. I found someone elses program that actually emails the administrator of infected machines with a message, but it required perl modules I don’t have… I cut out enough to detect the hit and then modified a counter script to display on my page. I was parsing my logs before (500+ hits last week alone), but they are reset weekly and I was curious for a long term count.

Who’s House? Our House!

The Rampage are bringing Arenabowl XV to the Van Andel Arena this Sunday at 3PM due to a sound thrashing of the Indiana Firebirds yesterday, 83-70, setting a few playoff records in the process. In the words of the press release “The Arena Football League’s biggest game is coming to its smallest market and its most intimate arena.” A lot of people said it wouldn’t or couldn’t happen… I hope they like the taste of crow.

One Step Closer

The Rampage are one step closer to the Arena Bowl! Yesterday they stepped up and soundly defeated the Chicago Rush 53-21. This coming Sunday we will meet the Indiana Firebirds in the semi-finals and with a victory we’ll be hosting the Arena Bowl on the 19th!

RIP: Supercharger

So the end of last week my car started making a very strange whining noise and I took it in to the dealership to get a diagnosis. I had suspicions, but they confirmed the worst. The supercharger had gone and was shot… all the oil had leaked out and it tore itself up. The estimated damage: $$$$. Luckily the supercharger belt is removeable and I can drive it safely, but now I have to scrape up the cash to get it fixed. One plus, I am a member of a couple of Grand Prix owner groups and via email I’ve already got an offer from someone that has an extra as well as many tips and suggestions. Thanks to everyone that has helped so far!

Ok, I’m Just Lazy

Now that we’ve been back from our vacation for more than two weeks, I probably should get around to updating our vacation page huh? I have the pictures uploaded and the link section updated, but I haven’t taken the time to link all the thumbnails to the larger versions of the pics. I hope by the time I get to updating I don’t forget everything we did.. but that wouldn’t surprise me.

July 4th BBQ

We’re having a small gathering for the 4th, being the hosts for a change. My parents and Emily’s parents are coming, along with a few friends possibly showing up. We stocked up on all the groceries we should need, now lets just hope the rain holds off for grilling.

Almost Vacation

Our vacation is almost here and I did a overhaul of the vacation page. It is fully laid out, it will just not have much info on it until we get back and have something to post. We’re leaving Friday night for Chicago and flying out to Arizona on Saturday morning and coming back the following Saturday… I can’t wait! It is going to be nice to have a relaxing week away.

New Camera

This weekend I finally broke down and picked up the new camera I’ve been wanting for awhile. I’m no professional photographer, so I just got something fun and easy. I wanted an actual film camera for vacation along with my digital camera and it was on sale, so I got it. The camera I got is the Canon ELPH 2.

Rampage Schedule

Here is the schedule for the Rampage games, it will stay at the top of this page until I get rid of it. Scroll down to read new posts. I will keep this schedu le updated with results from all the games.

2001 Grand Rapids Rampage Schedule
March-April Pre-Season
March 29vs. New Jersey8:30 p.m.Kemper Arena55-40 W
April 5Nashville Kats7:30 p.m.Van Andel Arena60-41 W
Sat, 14at Indiana Firebirds8:00 p.m.Conseco Fieldhouse 60-59 OTW
* Sun, 29Milwaukee Mustangs3:00 p.m.Van Andel Arena50-42 W
Sat, 5at Toronto Phantoms3:00 p.m.Air Canada Centre62-45 W
+ Fri, 11Carolina Cobras7:30 p.m.Van Andel Arena41-38 W
Sat, 19at Chicago Rush8:00 p.m. Allstate Arena54-52 W
* Sun, 27Tampa Bay Storm3:00 p.m.Van Andel Arena41-66 L
# Sat, 2Detroit Fury7:30 p.m.Van Andel Arena45-41 W
Fri, 8at Nashville Kats8:30 p.m.Gaylord Ent. Center60-54 W
+ Sat, 16at Milwaukee Mustangs8:00 p. m.Bradley Center 50-62 L
Sat, 23Indiana Firebirds7:30 p.m.Van Andel Arena80-74 W
# Sat, 30at Detroit Fury7:30 p.m.Palace of Auburn Hills63-75 L
Sat, 7Chicago Rush7:30 p.m.Van Andel Arena79-58 W
+ Sat, 14Oklahoma Wranglers7:30 p.m.Van Andel Arena 72-70 W
Fri, 20at Buffalo Destroyers8:00 p.m.HSBC Arena44-40 W
* nationally televised on TNN
+ televised on WXSP-TV 18
# televised on Fox Sports Net Detroit